Origin: Seattle

Genre: Soul-pop, Alt-pop/Blues

Years Active: 2012-Present

Official Websites: www.katiekuffel.com

Social Media: 


Katie Kuffel is a tongue-in-cheek, Seattle-based musician smashing the piano in a manner that's not quite blues, not quite folk, and not quite like anything you've heard before. With songwriting that is both innovative and thoughtful, she explores community, feminism, and her personal experiences as an advocate against sexism and violence through a contemporary sound that supports turbulent, poetic lyrics.


Katie began songwriting at an early age when her family inherited an old, upright piano (now housed in her Seattle apartment). She has since expanded to incorporate vocal looping and ukulele in her music. Katie stands by her belief that an artist is only as successful as their community, and strives to collaborate, support, and create opportunities for other artists and musicians.


“Take It Up” refreshes a genre and manages to be a catchy, hum-along song while still being a song about the stops-and-goes of heartbreak and desire. Some contributions to roots music sound dated or like imitations, but “Take It Up” demonstrates that we can still sing the blues in 2018 and keep it modern.

ARISSA CUSHNIE, Two Story Melody

"Take It Up" is an album of complete authenticity. All pretenses have been dropped, all half-truths abandoned, every wrinkle of self-doubt examined and ironed out. Such a process requires a great degree of vulnerability, though Kuffel leans into this notion and as a result presents just the opposite. Every quirk and weakness owned and held aloft, and as such form not chinks in the armour but a key component of the Katie Kuffel tapestry, threads that weave into a confident, assured whole, and one that is as beautiful examined up close as it is from a distance. - JON DOYLE, Editor of Various Small Flames

“Come Home” is a testament to working through challenges rather than trying to win in a conflict.   So many songs bemoan the feeling of victimhood but this one addresses the evolved concept of building something out of conflict.

-Americana Highways

"Classically trained and eclectically minded, Katie Kuffel finds truth in musical simplicity" - Howard Hardee, The Inlander

"With her bluesy, smoky voice and frenetic energy, Kuffel has established herself as one of the best live performers in the city." - PHILLIP JOHNSON, Seattle Music News

"Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing until you hear it. Katie Kuffel’s latest release Take It Up has been the very definition of that. This is a finely crafted album in the classic Rickie Lee Jones mode; a bit folk, a bit pop, a bit boozy, with deep grooves and wry lyrics delivered with a wonderfully droll late night hitch."

- Iaan Hughes, Music Director KBCS



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